Over It Into It: Glass Castle and Sprouts


OVER IT: The Glass Castle

I’m on page 63 of this book, and I can’t take it anymore. It started out so promising, and now, I’m stuck in a 6 year old’s point of view. She is just so….childish. Weird, I know. Unfortunately this is not a flashback situation, just page after page of her young mind. I have flipped way ahead to see when we will get back to her as grown-up, so I’m thinking I should just place this book in the give-away pile and move on. Bring on the #ifyoulikedHungerGames young adult series Divergent!

BONUS: Learned about Good Reads from a co-worker and signed up! You rate books you have read, and then it recommends others you may enjoy. She (my co-worker) is alternating between classics and contemporary titles. Very responsible.

INTO IT: Brussels Sprouts

I have not knowingly eaten a brussels sprout until 2013, when my good friend Katie made a delicious brussels sprout salad. I was shocked! I did not grow up eating brussels sprouts, and I assume that is due to my mom being tortured with being forced to eat them when she was young, so they were never served. Also, brussels sprouts have a pretty bad rep, so I never even considered them as a dish. But NOW! I made my first batch last week and they were a delight. Chris described them as the “croissant of the vegetable world” because of their flakiness. I simply halved baby lettuce heads, tossed them in olive oil with salt and pepper and sauteed them and until they had brown crispy bits. Once they were cooked I sprinkled some Parmesan over the top. Mmmmmmmmm! Next, I will be roasting them!

BONUS: I found this recipe Garlic and Herb Stuffed Brussels Sprouts which includes a helpful how-to video. If I were hosting a Super Bowl party, or attending one, I might make them. But I’m probably going to hot yoga and getting my toes done instead.

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