A Challenge


In preparation for Invigorating Owen, I began researching thirty-something blogs to get a feel for what was out there. I found the independent 30-something, the single 30-something, the mother of two 30-something, the oops now I’m a 40-something. Some updated recently, many abandoned months ago. (No judgement here! I love bailing). During my search I ran across a blogger who creates not only New Year Resolutions, but monthly challenges as well. I thought, “I LIKE THIS.” Splitting the year into 12 challenges creates a new focus for each month, and also and end to each challenge. I like end dates. I like deadlines. I like quick-ish results. I was on board.

I had begun drinking green smoothies right around Christmas Day. This wasn’t something I wanted to stop doing, more like, I wanted to be sure to have one daily. So, my January Challenge began without a hitch. I have had green smoothies for about 26 days now, and I just want MORE. So, needless to say, this months challenge hasn’t been very trying. But it has been delicious. And certainly more healthy than December…or November.

At the end of the month I will be sure to update you on what I had daily, my favorite smoothie, the super gross one I had, and of course the health benefits I experienced.

For now, I will give a glimpse of what I’m planning for the upcoming 11 months! The idea is get into a new habit or try something out for 30 days. If there are less than 30 days I’m lucky, if there are more, I get a free day! I selected the below challenges based on things I want to either change about myself, or experiment how they could change me. I will be providing more details about the how’s and why’s as we along.

  • February: Gluten free
  • March: Yoga
  • April: Something New
  • May: Clean House
  • June: Talk to Strangers
  • July: Writing
  • August: No Sugar
  • September: Learning
  • October: ?? I don’t know yet! Any ideas?
  • November: Giving
  • December: Relaxation

Frightens me the most: 30 Days of Yoga

Excites me the most: 30 Days of Giving


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